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Everyone has them, cars that are unobtainable for most people that if one were to have the means to buy, they would. Everyone has their own dream cars and ideas of what those are right? You ask one guy it’s a Bugatti, ask another and it’s an old Scottsdale with a 15” lift and 48” tires under it that he can take to mud festivals. For me, a married man with two young kids my dream cars have changed a bit and are more along the lines of just something that is decently quick and handles well but I really just want something that sounds good and is rewarding and exciting to drive. I feel like this way I’m not setting myself up for disappointment when I can actually go and get that “dream car”. So, cars like the E36 M3, 996 911, and C5 Z06 are a few on my list currently to fulfill my own sad, realistic dream car wants but what if money was not a factor? It’s a very subjective topic just like the examples I gave. Everyone has their own idea of what a dream car is to them so I’m going to talk about a few of mine here and a couple of other Gearbox guys are going to talk about what their dream cars are as well.

So, if money were no object and I could buy any car I think for me it would have to be the McLaren F1. I’ve talked about this car here before and I’ve been infatuated with it since grade school. They are now worth ten times what they were sold for back in the 90’s which was right around a million bucks, so I’d need some deep pockets but the F1 is iconic and any real car guy knows what an important car it was. Designed by Gordon Murray at McLaren back in the early 1990’s, the F1 was a racecar for the road and to this day, it is a benchmark for all other supercars to be measured by. There were only 107 cars build between 1992 and 1998 and featured the worlds ‘s first carbon fiber frame, center seating position, and a sonorous BMW sourced, 627hp V-12. Murray, McLaren’s chief F-1 designer and McLaren for that matter had never built a road car but Gordon was given a blank check to do so and nobody was disappointed. The cars were mechanical masterpieces from that V-12 I mentioned to the cool things the engineers did to keep weight down like a specially designed lightweight stereo from Kenwood designed exclusively for the F1 or the titanium tool set with wrenches weighing just ounces. The engineers lined the engine compartment with 24k gold foil as it was the lightest heat reflective material around. The car came with a 14.4k modem built in that when connected to the internet would send diagnostics back to the factory, in the mid 90’s! There was no traction control or power steering or safety nets like todays cars and it weighed less than 2500 lbs. with 627 hp it was a rocket breaking records for speed and holding onto them for years. There was no car built like it and is still unmatched today in my eyes as well as many other car enthusiasts!

A slightly more obtainable dream car of mine and pretty much anyone who likes Japanese imports is the MKIV Toyota Supra. It’s a bit of a tough pic for me as I really like the R32 Skylines and they are actually more affordable than the current going prices for clean 6-speed twin turbo Supras but there is something about the Supra that’s alluring to me. And before you hate too much on me, I liked them before they came even more popular with the fast and Furious movie release. My mom’s friend actually had an early version of the MKIV Supra but a non turbo version. I loved the interior and how the center stack skewed towards the driver’s position and the sleek lines that swoop back into an almost “duck bill” spoiler. Today, seeing a clean example on the road is like seeing a Ferrari, there aren’t too many nice examples out there. There is no intentional 90s theme with these picks, but that decade is when my fascination for cars bloomed. The Supra was sold here in the States from 1993 to 1998 and was marketed as a luxury-based performance car. It featured the legendary 2JZ-GTE inline six with a sequential twin turbo setup backed by an automatic or coveted 6-speed manual. The Supra was developed in a special time at Toyota when their vehicles where over-engineered and built better than anything before it and after quite frankly. Not to say Toyotas are not good cars today because they are but the Supra was overbuilt. The 2JZ engine can withstand tremendous stress making it a tuner’s dream and the 6-speed transmission and rear end are also tough as nails. I know the new Supra is out now and it looks promising but given a choice, I’d take the 20-year-old one any day.

Earlier I mentioned some of the other Gearbox guys wanted to talk about their dream cars so let’s see what they dream about besides puppies or whatever other weird stuff they are into! – RYAN

The idea of a dream car is an easy one for most people to grasp. If you ask at random most people will have something picked out for a variety of reasons that are justified to them. That’s the thing that makes it very difficult to for a life long automotive enthusiast to answer the question of, whats your dream car?

Not being able to pick just one car is a problem I have always dealt with. For me cars are a wave of personal expression and each car envelops a different personality and mood. So with that I have narrowed down a list of few that I do not own but hope someday I am lucky enough to have in my garage.

The top of the list, at least for today, is a truck that I’m sure few have any knowledge of even existing. Developed as a small Kei or “k” class work horse this little truck was limited by regulation on size and engine displacement to fall into a lesser taxed and insured cost bracket. The engine could be no more than 360cc’s. Yes those of you playing along at home, less than a liter by quite a bit. At a whopping 78.5 inch wheel base of this truck kept in with in the size requirements to pass into the K class of vehicle in Japan at the time. The styling of this truck is what speaks to my heart. It is the most innocent and slightly surprised, amazed and flat out happy to be there face if this little gem they really makes me want one. The KBDB33 Mazda porter cab. The first generation of this porter cab pickup. The 1969 variant to be specific had a few interesting “features” not found on other later production version. Just small bits of trim and details. The feel of this dream car is purely emotional and a relief honestly. It’s just such a happy little thing.

After that is out of the way, the order of the list gets a bit murky so I will just proceed haphazardly into the, if I ever could, I would, list of things. Leading myself right into an extremely rare pickup. Yet again an early Japanese unit. This truck was produced by TOYODA, nope that’s not a typo. Under the toyopet line up. The great granddad of the Tacoma your gym rat neighbor leased. Yep the Toyopet Stout, and most specifically the first generation, late production. The RK platform to be exact. Produced from 1954 until 1960 this truck was the biggest truck Toyota produced at the time and the focus was to work. Heavy axles and a big bed. The thing that makes this truck a desirable one to me is the front half of the truck. You know the ranchero and elcamino of America. Well a Japanese take on that is what this truck appears to be modeled after. A very sleek and bullet shaped nose with a very ford looking style grill. Out of nowhere a work truck box seems to sprout out of the back of the cab like the crops from the ground this truck was meant to carry. This is where it gets interesting. In 1960 Toyota launched the RK40,41,43,45,47,100 and 101 progressively getting heavier as the number rose. These trucks had an all new box that was more sleek and less tractor looking which brings us to the late production RK original run of trucks. Toyota had already tossed a few of these new style boxes on seemingly random early trucks. Trust me it’s the one you want. Well ok it’s the one I want.

Ok sorry that’s probably enough googling chassis codes for one day so I will move on to the more easily distinguishable cars. I have always wanted to own a nice clean in restored 1960 ford falcon. Granted I’d do some things to it. I’m perfectly happy with the little 160 engine and the automatic transmission. It just needs a clean restored interior and set way down on the ground. Talk about a prefect cruiser. I think after that I’d love to finish the projects I’ve already started.

Dream cars can be anything at all as long as they make you feel good. I don’t mind super cars or muscle cars or imports or anything besides the Pontiac Aztec. Hell for all I know that is someone’s dream car. If that someone is you I’m happy for you but can you please explain yourself? – JESSE

Hi. My name is JD. My friends here didn’t leave me with much room so I’ve got to keep this short. I’m going to list a few of my dream cars with a brief reason why I want those vehicles. Since I’m the last one to write for this month, I can tell you Ryan and Jesse are wrong. These cars are much better than their picks. If you disagree, you are also wrong.
1. 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe – This is the “Hero Car” from the best movie of all time… Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior.
2. 2007 Subaru WRX STI – When you’re a dumb 20 something, you sell a badass WRX that you probably should’ve held onto forever. The STI I have built in my mind is an homage to that car I bought from my dad. I will build this car one day.
3. Land Rover Defender 110 Pickup – If Arnold Schwarzenegger was british, he would drive one of these.
4. Lancia Delta Integrale Evo – Ugly, boxy, fast, Italian and dangerous… just like my future ex-wife.
5. Aston Martin DB5 – Mother F*cking James Bond… Nuf said. I know what you’re thinking, yes, mine will have machine guns.
– JD

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