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They are the unsung heroes of the car industry if you ask me. Day in and day out they haul crying babies, smelly teens, and parents arguing about where they should go out to eat the one day they get away from the kids every six months. They also can make pretty kick-ass crew haulers […]

The Italians

Ah Italy, the land of mouth-watering pizza, pasta, and Ferraris. Italy is famous for many things such as their art, fashion, architecture, and of course their food! Being the closed-minded American redneck that I am I don’t care much about the art or the fashion or the literature. I do love me some pizza and […]

People Haulers

There is no denying that one of the most popular choices for consumers over the past few decades has been the sport utility vehicle. Unless you have been living under a rock anyone can clearly see their popularity as there are so many out on the road today. While they may not be the most […]

The Past and Present

Some cars are just iconic. They have been around for decades and many have carried their lines through time. You can look at the newest models and still see remnants from models past, some 50 plus years ago. I feel like there has been somewhat of a resurgence in bringing back older, retired names of […]

Classic Trucks

So when I found out this month we would be talking about classic trucks I put my hands together and rubbed them quickly thinking “oh yes” as classic trucks are yet another genre of vehicles im a big fan of. As you might tell by now i’m a fan of pretty much all genres of […]

Sport Compacts

So I’m a huge (Donald Trump voice) fan of sport compact cars for a few reasons. They are affordable, plentiful on the new and used market, fun to drive, and pretty practical. They are popular and have a huge following and afterket to make a good car better. I’ve owned four or five sport compact […]


So what car poster was up on your wall as a kid? It probably depends on what era you grew up in. For me it was the 1990’s and cars like the C4 Corvette ZR1, Ferrari F50, Jaguar XJ220, and Lamborghini Diablo adorned many kids walls. I’ve been into cars as far back as I […]


Baja racing is one of those motorsports that everyone in the car community has seen and heard of but its not as popular as F-1 racing or NASCAR, to some at least. The Baja 1000 is the race most have heard of but is only one of such sanctioned events by SCORE international. Everyone knows […]


            If you are into the car scene at all i’m sure you have seen them. Classic cars with he tops chopped and components that look like they were pulled from a junkyard, which they probably were. People call these homebrews rat rods and they are my kind of builds. I think the creativity is […]


            Like with everything, technology brings advancements in the automotive industry whether it be at the manufacturer level or the aftermarket. As good as your dads 1979 Trans Am was to him back in the day there are KIAs nowadays that would have no problem keeping up with it. That’s not a dig on KIA […]